How should left handed people crochet ?

If you are left-handed, you may find it hard adapting to the right-handed world. This also applies when it comes to crafts, specifically crochet. Many left-handed crafters get frustrated following guides prepared for right-handed. However, following these simple steps and with a little practice, you will be finishing your projects like a professional.

The first step is making a slipknot by looping the yarn and pushing a second loop on it. Then, tighten the yarn by slipping your hook in the second loop you made. Now, hold the crochet hook on your left hand like a knife (with your hook like blade) or like a pencil (with your hook like the pencil tip). Try both methods first and see which method you are most comfortable.

To make your project tight, keep the tension on the yarn as you crochet by holding it with your right had. Place the slipknot between your ring or middle finger and your thumb of your of your right hand. Entwine the yarn that leads to the skein or ball through your right hand’s fingers and drape it closest to the first finger working area.
Create a chain stitch on the slipknot by wrapping the yarn clockwise just about the front and over the top of your crochet hook. You call this yarning over. Finish your first step by catching the yarn with your hook’s crook and pull it through the slipknot’s loop. Repeat the steps in making a chain until you reach the length indicated in your pattern.

Begin single crochet on your second row by placing the hook three inches away in the chain stitch’s loop. Repeating yarning over and slipping the yarn through all the loops on your hook. Continue crocheting until you reach the last row as indicated in you pattern. Remember to make your own foundation row if you are using picture patterns, because most of these patterns are made for right-handed.

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