What is knitting ?

Knitting is a type of fiber art that involves looping and interlocking yarn with the use of a specially designed needle. Since the 15th century, Europeans have been knitting, when Spain and Italy started doing knitting, it quickly spreads worldwide. It is very easy to do modern knitted fabric with traditional needle or a knitting machine.

Knitting is very convenient for it does not require extensive tools. Crochet is most probably the simpler textile art in which yarn are knotted with the use of crochet hook. Knitting is very easy to teach due to its simplicity and affordability. In knitting a basic garment, a pair of knitting needle and selection of yarn are the only things needed.

Knotting needles comes in different varieties, nowadays, common knitting needles are made of metals and woods but before, knitting needles are made of bones. Straight knitting needles have one flat end and one pointed end and has an ornamental device or a bulb to keep it from sliding as the knitting process goes. Another type of needle used to make hats or turning the sock heels is the double-ended needle, which has two sharp ends that allows the knitting on both sides. The last type of needle for knitting is the circular knitting needle, which is attached to each other; most find it to be the most convenient needle to use.

Yarns also goes in wide variety, from novelty yarns to plain weight wool. Yarn can come from wide range of animals and plants fibers like wool, cotton, silk and bamboo. Yarn can be smooth, dyed, fuzzy or plain. You can use very fine yarns in knitting delicate shawls and socks while chunky, thick yarns can be used for gloves, creative hats and scarves.

Knitting is done by looping the yarn in a series of stitches. Knit and purl are the two basic stitches that can be manipulated to create cabling, rippling, open lace and other varieties of looks. Most people find knitting very enjoyable and relaxing. If you want to learn how to knit, you can find friendly knitters circle who can teach you the basics and guide you as you work on your project.

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