Can I sell crafts that I made from patterns that I got from a book?

Obviously the patterns are there to be reproduced that is what the book is for, but then can I sell them?

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  1. Debdeb said:

    You need to find out the company’s “angel policy”. The book may say, otherwise contact the company and ask them.

    I used to sell Stampin UP and you could sell cards using their stamps as long as you stamped on the back that the item was made with Stampin UP copyrighted materials. You could buy a stamp for that. You couldn’t do mass production, like run off 500 identical cards, but if you made a dozen or so, that was fine. It was published in the demonstator’s book. Some of the companies that sell craft supplies do have people go to craft fairs to see if anyone is violating their policy.

  2. M S said:

    That depends on the copyright laws where you are and on the restrictions the book publisher puts on the use of the patterns. Read the information in the front of the book that explains how the patterns can be used. Often, permission is given to sell the products made from the patterns under limited circumstances (craft fairs, fund raiser events, and such). Sometimes it is not given, and you’d be in violation of the law if you sold the products under any circumstances.

    However, if you made an item for your own use and then didn’t use it, you could probably sell a single item with no harmful effects.

  3. Becca said:

    of course you can. saves the buyer from making it. Its America you can sell what ever you want. I hope you live in America lol

  4. marlene1958 said:

    You might find this helpful, I came across it. It is about jewelry making and shows you techniques and how to make items. You can sell them as well. Hope this helps a bit.

  5. rita17_17e said:


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