Where can I buy beads and crafts and stuff?

I want to make bracelets and stuff where can I go?

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  1. Lucy de O said:

    Why don’t you go to hobbycraft there is one in brmsgrove I think and Birmingham.
    Here are a few websites. You can also go to your local bead shop/carf shop. If you have ‘The Range’ that is also a good place to go. Have a look on ebay, they have very interesting and unusual beads on there. I make bracelets and I can help you for more info just add me as a friend and I will give you my email address privately. Have fun! By the way you can buy very nice silver plated chain on ebay for about £5 for a few meters. I also go to a shop called Michael’s but my favourtie is Hobbycarft because they sell all sorts of things and they have stuff for card making and painting and jewellery. If you go on holiday have a look around I found a great bead shop in France and I find lots of shops on holiday. Have a look on ask.com google.co.uk yahoo.com askjeeves.com and lots of other search engines. Good Luck and I hope you find what you are looking for you could even make keyrings or bracelets for xmas presents.

  2. igotdvs2 said:

    I always go to Michael’s. There is a cashier named Tim Henson who gives me everything for FREE!

  3. clare w said:

    your local bead shop or maybe hobbycraft? depends where you live really

  4. lgabbard01 said:

    arts and crafts store

  5. **** said:

    Ive seen them in W.H. Smiths. Go there

  6. bearkat11 said:

    Hobby lobby, joanns, Walmart even has a good selection

  7. Scampi said:


  8. carolynarsenal said:

    “Hobby Craft” is brilliant for that, quite a few stores all over the country. Hope this helps!

  9. sophieb said:

    there are so very many “buy craft beads” websites on the internet, just do a search on Yahoo for that phrase. Of course if you have a crafts store like a Michaels in your area you can buy both crafts and different types of beads. On the internet you can specify “glass beads” or “wooden beads” or “clay beads” or beads from different countries by specifying which country you want them from. Like for instance Mexican beads can have one decorative style and European beads would have another.

  10. SilentDoGood said:

    At your local Craft’s Show. They have the latest styles.

  11. Julia H said:

    If you are wanting to do unique bracelets – have you considered the Beadworkers Guild.

  12. chrissy f said:

    Hobbycraft have a huge selection and do swarovski crystals too. I bought some on Saturday. They aslo sell the bracelets etc so that you can just add the stones and beads to them.

  13. florence said:

    go to… http://www.your beads.com

  14. zoe-claire p said:

    hi sorry i accidentally left out the i in hotmail. Sorry so you email me for the recipes i promised you.
    I tend to get my beads, crafts and other stuff from cfraft fairs.
    Anyway here’s my e-mail agin and this time it is correct
    [email protected]
    sorry about the error.

  15. Chrissy J said:

    I looked a lot on ebay for rare things, sometimes cheaper. Also, I enjoy Michaels as well, if there is one in your area. I ordered a catalogue from Fire Mountain Gems (http://www.firemountaingems.com/) and they have an incredible assortment of beads. If you’re looking for specialty beads you can find a lot of them on ebay, its also good to search deep to get good deals on findings, etc. I have about 91 shops on my favorites list on ebay-most of them for beads and findings. Definitely look there if you’re starting off. I’ve learned a lot about beads, etc, so if you have any other questions, feel free to send an email.

    Best of luck to you.

  16. Lindsey said:

    look up some specialty bead stores also Michaels carries lots of things for beading but they may not always give things away for free.

  17. rettasmile said:

    I usually go to Wal-Mart, Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, also you might check sometimes you local town has special shops you can go and find beads and such stuff.
    Also, you can check online for more quantities and different varieties.
    Sounds like fun, good luck!

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  19. Lapiduse said:


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