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How do I make soap, wax or gel candles or other similar crafts?

I have been searching on the internet for how to make candles or soap but it is not very clear what ingredients (wax, gel wax, glycerin) I need to use and where I can get them.

Has anyone made candles or soap before?? I need to hear from someone who knows exactly where I can get the ingredients and a clear method for making them.


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6 Responses to “How do I make soap, wax or gel candles or other similar crafts?”

  1. Chrystian said:
  2. ღAMOReninha εïз said:

    I love rose candles

  3. Sab said:

    You can find books online or in stores like Barnes and Nobles. Supplies can be purchased thru Michaels or AC Moore stores.

  4. crazy girl said:

    It is good to look on the internet for the ingerdances, but when you go to a craft store they will also have instruction/idear cards, it depends in what kind you want, personaly I perfer to use wax, ( I have never made saop) not the gell, it is easar to add sents, and color to the wax, most places will even have starter kit, that is how I started, then experment, have fun with it. Though the jell candles are harded, they are prettier.

  5. Lili-2008 said:

    Cristiam- eu sei pouco ingles,mas sei que I have é eu tenho- how do I é qual é o seu- e help é socorro- Tenho dicionário mas estoucom preguiça viu- beijinhos

  6. alex winefly said:

    Candle making is a good hobby to have I started by buying a basic kit from a craft shop, and gradually expanded from there .
    Another person (CHRYSTIAN ) has listed some sites for you to visit if you don’t have any craft shops in your town, but start with a basic kit with full instructions on melting and various equipment to use.Instructions are important as you can get things wrong if the mixture is wrong for example burning with black smoke or burning too quick also there is different thickness of wicks depending on the candle you want to make.and much more so a book of some sort is a good start, It’s realy quite easy with the proper tools etc.
    I hope you find a shop or site to purchase the materials good luck.


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