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Do you prefer to buy fabric for dressmaking, quilting or other crafts online or in a shop?

Please explain the advantages or disadvantages to each one. I’m just starting out in sewing and want to know what’s best. Thanks.

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5 Responses to “Do you prefer to buy fabric for dressmaking, quilting or other crafts online or in a shop?”

  1. Sal*UK said:

    Shop everytime! i prefer to feel the fabric.

  2. d_t_chavez31 said:

    Well it depends. My girlfriend would rather buy it in a store because she can see and feel it. It is usually more expensive in a shop though. Then the advantage of buying online is if you find a good place to buy, try them out. If you keep ordering more, they may be able to give you better deals. Just talk to them. Try finding a good online store and shop with them. Best of Luck!

  3. pattiann42 said:

    More variety on-line. Small crafts or quick projects – local stores.

    If you see a quilt in a quilting magazine that you like and it comes in a kit, go for it. By the time the magazine is published, the fabrics used are no longer available in the stores – timing issues.

    Sometimes the on-line shipping cost is less than the expense of driving.

  4. RoofingPrincess said:

    In a shop – to be able to see and feel the fabric. The problem with web shopping is that colors differ from monitor to monitor, so what you see may not be what you get.
    My sister lives 1000 miles away, though, so we used to pick out the fabrics for a quilt I was making for her. She gave me the names of fabrics she liked, then I went to the big JoAnn in our area (the smaller one nearer my home has a limited selection) and found the fabrics and picked the ones that matched the best.

    I have purchased some specialty fabrics (particular prints that I really wanted) from private sellers online (sites like eBay and Bonanzle.)

  5. derfini said:

    If I’m buying for a project I’d rather see the fabric in a shop, but I have no choice but to buy online as all the local shops have closed.


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