What are the basics of quilting ?

Quilting is one of the greatest past times, it is very easy and you will be spending your time in a productive way. You can start by figuring out how many squares you will need and how big you want your quilt to be. The materials and tools you need are sewing supplies, iron and ironing board and sewing machine.

In choosing a fabric to use, you can ask the store attendant in a fabric store to give you the groups of fabric that has coordinating designs. If you want to make a quilt that lasts, get a fabric with high quality. You can get these kinds of fabric in a quilt shop. However, the cost is more expensive than regular fabric but you would not notice once you finish your project. You will add around extra twenty dollars for material to get the best result, you will also find quilting very easy.

Start quilting with an accurate quarter inch allowance for seam. There are sewing machines that have built in quarter inch foot, if yours do not have one, you can buy one to have the most accurate seaming allowance. If your seam allowances are inaccurate, fix it before you continue. You can cut the fabric with a rotary cutter and acrylic ruler for measurements. Double check the measurements after you cut the fabric. Take some time in pinning every joined seam and you will see your quilt top smoothen and flat due to easing and stretching.

If you want to further learn and gain more experience in quilting, you can attend classes. Not everything you need to learn about quilting is in magazine articles and books. You will be more experienced if you have a competent instructor in front of you, and you will gain quilting friends you can go shopping with.

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